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Essential Oils don’t just smell nice — they can have a powerful impact on your mood, skin and more.

Essential oils are aromatic, volatile obtained from various parts of plants — roots, bark, wood, leaves, grass, flowers, fruits, seeds or resin.

It takes hundreds — sometimes thousands — of pounds of plant material to make a tiny amount of essential oil. And because of that, it’s potent stuff.

Here’s how they work: “Scent is processed in the same part of the brain as memory and emotion,” says Gagnon. “It can conjure many feelings and images, and it can enhance and entice all of the senses.”

“The efficacy of an essential oil depends completely on its quality and wholesomeness”, says Gagnon.


100% Natural & Pure
For Skincare, Cosmetic, Aromatherapy
Natural Care

Nourished Haircare Regimen

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What Our Customers Say

Patchouli oil is good for aromatherapy due to its strong Smelling property. Using it for hair & skin works good, mix it with other oils and it will work even better. This oil has multiple usages and since it's natural it makes it even much better to have.
Sonal Mehta
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! I have used other brand name oils before and this ones are the best so far. It is very strong and diffuser only needs couple of drops. I ve had it for almost a month now and been using it on a daily basis.
Aliya Das
When I first received the package I could smell the aroma through the box. I was worried that one of the bottles had leaked during transportation, but to my surprise everything came intact. That’s just because of the high quality of the oils. They have a distinct scent that proved themselves long-lasting.
Jennifer Lewis

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