Turmeric Essential Oil


Turmeric is most commonly known as a powder spice derived from the Turmeric rhizome and as a staple ingredient in Indian cuisine. Turmeric powder has come to gain various other uses, such as cosmetic and therapeutic, much like Turmeric Essential Oil.

Used in aromatherapy, Turmeric Essential Oil is believed to:

  • support and strengthen immune function and encourage a positive response
  • soothe the mind and uplift the mood with its warm, woody, earthy, and spicy scent
  • promote positive emotions and increased energy
  • address negative emotions, fatigue, loss of appetite, headaches, and symptoms of allergies, colds, and fevers
  • manage respiratory conditions that make breathing difficult, such as asthma

 Used on the skin, Turmeric Essential Oil is believed to:

  • be a strong antibacterial and antiseptic agent that may be beneficial for application to areas of minor burns, cuts, bites, and bruises
  • cleanse, clarify, smooth, calm, invigorate, and brighten the skin
  • generally support skin health
  • remove excess natural skin oil
  • diminish the appearance of blemishes and wrinkles
  • improve the skin’s resiliency
  • moisturize dryness to alleviate itchiness
  • exfoliate to remove dead cells and reveal new skin, which can enhance natural radiance and promote a supple, healthy, revitalized appearance

Used in hair, Turmeric Essential Oil is believed to:

  • nourish and strengthen the strands
  • remove loose dandruff flakes from the hair
  • moisturize dryness to help establish healthy scalp conditions that are conducive to hair growth

Used in massages, Turmeric Essential Oil is believed to:

      • support the body’s natural recovery process after vigorous activity and injuries
      • promote skin elasticity and firmness through moisture
      • promote a sense of well-being through massage when experiencing itching, bruising, soreness, pain, cramps, and inflammation
      • invigorate the skin
      • support the body’s natural digestive function


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